2018 Parent Training Series

We kick off the new year with a series of opportunities to receive information pertinent to ABA. 

The purpose of these trainings are:

  1. To help you understand even better your child’s therapy 
  2. To learn how ABA can improve your child’s and the family’s life at home
  3. To provide you an opportunity to network with other families that are going through their own journey with autism 

These presentations and networking events will be held at Social Skills Playhouse the third Friday of the month  (dates listed below) from 9.15 a.m. to 11.15 a.m.  You can join in person or remotely using GoMeeting.  These events are free.


2018 Monthly Topics

Feb 16 – Autism and Problem Behavior: How do you tackle the biggest challenges families face at home?

Mar 16 – ABA Success Stories Across All Profiles on the Spectrum

Apr 20 – The ABCs of ABA and Daily Applications

May 18 – How Do I Get My Child to Cooperate and Be Productive at Home?

Jun 15 – Components of Language and Motivation to Use it Across all Levels of the Spectrum

Jul 20 – Disruptive Behavior – Determining Function and Explanation of Techniques

Aug 17 – Assessment and Treatment Planning – How Do We Know What to Work On?

Sep 21 -Parent Practitioner Team – Parent Overlap Expectations and How to Live and Grow with Autism

Oct 19 – Teaching Methodologies – DTT, NET, Shaping, Chaining, Prompting, Prompt Fading

Nov 16 – Transition through Ages and Stages—Is ABA Still Effective?





If you have questions, please contact us at  info@peoplesmartcenter.com.