Neurofeedback  is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity—most commonly electroencephalography (EEG), to teach self-regulation of brain function. Typically, sensors are placed on the scalp to measure activity, with measurements displayed using video displays or sound.

QEEG Brain Mapping is a diagnostic procedure that records electrical activity in the brain. EEG represents the electrical activity of the brain. It serves as a basis for identifying variations in brain function that are associated with different types of neurological disorders including Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Depression, Dementia, Mild Head Injury and Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder. Brain mapping provides a more objective and accurate diagnosis and provides more detailed information on any brainwave imbalance. This brain map helps guide the neurobiofeedback training.
Children with ADD or ADHD appear to have slow brainwaves that dominate the faster brainwaves that are typically associated with alertness, problem-solving, reading , and performing tasks.. QEEG has been used as a diagnostic tool and helps direct medication selection.

Neurofeedback training involves learning to change these computer images by actively involving the client to learn to regulate their own physiology. Because these changes in brainwaves are initially small and momentary, a great deal of coaching and reinforcement is done during the training sessions. Much like physical therapy is used to strengthen muscles and extend range of motion, brainwave biofeedback uses a series of instrument assisted training sessions over several weeks or months to help a person gain greater control and flexibility in brainwave activity.


neurofeedback loop


Using  data from the quantitative EEG to discover what areas of the brain are having a hard time activating, or having a hard time synchronizing with each other, neurofeedback protocols are developed to retrain the brain, leading to increased communication, processing and attention capabilities. Neurofeedback training consists of 30 to 35 sessions 2 to 3 times per week.

Erin Webb M.A. LMFT will be conducting neurofeedback client specific treatments as outlined by the QEEG Brain Mapping testing conducted by Dr. Ron Swatzyna, Ph.D, Director of Electro-Neurophysiology.