Health & Human Services Commission Autism Program

The Health & Human Services Commission, administers programs that ensure Texas is a state where people with disabilities, and children who have developmental delays, enjoy the same opportunities as other Texans to live independent and productive lives.

HHSC administers programs that help Texans with disabilities find jobs through vocational rehabilitation, ensure that Texans with disabilities live independently in their communities, and assist families in helping their children with disabilities and delays in development to reach their full potential.

The PEOPLE Smart Center is now a sub-contractor for the  HHSC Autism program to provide services to patients with no other funding source. Any Texas resident can apply for services and you do not need to live in the service area to qualify for services; however, transportation and lodging costs are not covered by this program.

What is the Health & Human Services Commission Autism Program focused ABA treatment?

Focused ABA treatment is targeted to address a few specific outcomes instead of all developmental needs of the child. It is particularly useful when children have challenging behaviors and when improvements in social and adaptive skills are sought. Focused ABA treatment is used to target specific behaviors. The treatment may be to:

  • minimize a challenging behavior; or
  • maximize a social or adaptive skill in a specific area.

A trained therapist provides treatment on the specific behavior. The level and intensity of treatment should be driven by the child’s needs. Since the therapist is focusing on specifically defined behavior, the treatment period is shorter. The treatment through the HHSC Autism Program is limited to 30 hours per month with a six-month limit in a twelve-month period.

A child is eligible for focused ABA treatment through the HHSC Autism Program if the child:

  • has a documented diagnosis on the autism spectrum made by a qualified professional;
  • is three through 15 years of age (services end on the child’s 16th birthday); and
  • is a Texas resident.
  • The length of treatment received in any combination of HHSC Autism Program ABA treatments is limited to a maximum of 24 months during the child’s lifetime.

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